Introducing Audracity

"What's your idea of a perfect date night?" question from Audracity
"What's your idea of a perfect date night?" question from Audracity

For over 10 years, I've been making Audra apps. This started when we were dating and I bought her a Kindle. I built an Iron Man-themed Android app for it that would play music for her that I picked. I eventually ported that to iOS when she got an iPad. Similarly, I built her a dating app early in the pandemic called "MeHarmony" that looked and worked like a real dating app but would only match her with me.

All these apps were just for her. I never put them out there for anyone else; I'd hook up her device to my computer and install them directly. Unless she shared a screenshot, nobody else got to see or use them.

Audracity - The Question Game

But things are different this time. Her latest app, "Audracity,” is actually out there in the App Store, available for everyone! Even cooler, we worked on this one together. Audra even got her own beta testers this time. The copyright (required in the App Store) even says The Ferrell Family, not just my name.

Copyright 2024 - The Ferrell Family

Audracity is a fun little question game, perfect for date nights, family get-togethers, or long car rides. You pick your categories, and the app will throw random questions at you. Stuff like "What magic potion would you make?" or "How would you define unconditional love?" – plus lots of funnier ones. There are over 450 questions currently and we have plans for double that, easily.

"What's the most important aspect of a wedding?" question from the game

There's no keeping score or following rules in Audracity. It's all about sharing answers to these interesting or weird questions, either one by one or as a group. We tried it at home last week with three adults, all of us answering each question, and two hours had flown by before we knew it.

You can bookmark your favorite questions to revisit later and even share them straight from the app.

There's also a widget for the Home Screen that shows random questions throughout the day, so you don't even need to play the game to get hit with a puzzler like “Do you prefer beaches or mountains?”

iOS home screen screenshot showing "Do you prefer beaches or mountains?"

Don't spend another car ride with your headphones on in silence! Don't spend the first half of date night trying to find something to do!

Audracity is out now for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and my personal fave, AppleTV. The romantic questions are free, and you can unlock all of the others, like futuristic and parenting, for $10.